Novel techniques for constraining neutron-capture rates relevant to heavy-element nucleosynthesis

A. C. Larsen, A. Spyrou, S. Liddick, M. Guttormsen, V. W. Ingeberg, S. Siem, M. Wiedeking, B. P. Crider, F. Naqvi, G. Perdikakis, M. Mumpower, R. Surman, G. M. Tveten, D. L. Bleuel, A. J. Couture, L. Crespo Campo, A. C. Dombos, A. Gorgen, R. Lewis, S. Mosby, S. Nikas, C. J. Prokop, S. J. Quinn, T. Renstrom, B. Rubio

Published INPC2016 (2017)

In this contribution we discuss new experimental approaches to indirectly provide information on neutron-capture rates relevant to the r-process. In particular, we focus on applications of the Oslo method to extract fundamental nuclear properties for reaction-rate calculations: the nuclear level density and the γ strength function. Two methods are discussed in detail, the Oslo method in inverse kinematics and the beta-Oslo method. These methods present a first step towards constraining neutron-capture rates of importance to the r-process


experiment nuclear reactions

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