Low-energy magnetic radiation

S. Frauendorf, M. Beard, M. Mumpower, R. Schwengner, K. Wimmer

Published CGS15 (2014)

A pronounced spike at low energy in the strength function for magnetic radiation (LEMAR) is found by means of Shell Model calculations, which explains the experimentally observed enhancement of the dipole strength. LEMAR originates from statistical low-energy M1-transitions between many excited complex states. Re-coupling of the proton and neutron high-j orbitals generates the strong magnetic radiation. LEMAR is predicted for nuclides with $A\approx 132$ participating in the r-process of element synthesis. It increases the reaction rates by a factor of 2.5. The spectral function of LEMAR follows Planck\'s Law. A power law for the size distribution of the $B(M1)$ values are found.


theory nuclear reactions

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