The impact of nuclear masses near $N=82$ on $r$-process abundances

M. Mumpower, D. L. Fang, R. Surman, M. Beard, A. Aprahamian

Unpublished arXiv (2014)

We have performed for the first time a complete r-process mass sensitivity study in the N=82 region. We take into account how an uncertainty in a single nuclear mass propagates to influence important quantities of neighboring nuclei, including Q-values and reaction rates. We demonstrate that nuclear mass uncertainties of ±0.5 MeV in the N=82 region result in up to an order of magnitude local change in r-process abundance predictions. We identify key nuclei in the study whose mass has a substantial impact on final r-process abundances and could be measured at future radioactive beam facilities.


r-process nuclear masses

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