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2023 I. U. Roederer, N. Vassh, E. Holmbeck, M. Mumpower, et al. Element abundance patterns in stars indicate fission of nuclei heavier than uranium Science 382 6675 1177
2021 M. Verriere, M. Mumpower Improvements to the macroscopic-microscopic approach of nuclear fission PRC 103 034617
2021 A. Lovell, T. Kawano, S. Okumura, I. Stetcu, et al. Extension of the Hauser-Feshbach fission fragment decay model to multi-chance fission PRC 103 014615
2020 N. Vassh, M. Mumpower, G. C. McLaughlin, T. M. Sprouse, et al. Co-production of light and heavy $r$-process elements via fission deposition ApJ 896 1
2020 M. Mumpower, P. Jaffke, M. Verriere, J. Randrup Primary fission fragment mass yields across the chart of nuclides PRC 101 054607
2019 N. Vassh, R. Vogt, R. Surman, J. Randrup, et al. Using excitation-energy dependent fission yields to identify key fissioning nuclei in r-process nucleosynthesis J. Phys. G 46 065202
2018 M. Mumpower, T. Kawano, T. M. Sprouse, N. Vassh, et al. $\beta$-delayed fission in $r$-process nucleosynthesis ApJ 869 1
2015 P. Möller, A. Sierk, T. Ichikawa, A. Iwamoto, et al. Fission barriers at the end of the chart of nuclides Phys. Rev C 91 024310

Conference Proceedings

Year Authors Title (Click for more details) Journal (PDF)
2020 N. Vassh, M. Mumpower, T. M. Sprouse, R. Surman, et al. Probing the fission properties of neutron-rich actinides with the astrophysical $r$ process FPY2019
2019 M. Mumpower, N. Vassh, T. M. Sprouse, P. Jaffke, et al. Fission properties relevant for GW170817 NIC XV ch 20

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