Systematic and statistical uncertainties in simulated r-process abundances due to uncertain nuclear masses

R. Surman, M. Mumpower, G. C. McLaughlin, A. Aprahamian

Published JPS Conf. Proc. 14, 010612 (2017)

Unknown nuclear masses are a major source of nuclear physics uncertainty for r-process nucleosynthesis calculations. Here we examine the systematic and statistical uncertainties that arise in r-process abundance predictions due to uncertainties in the masses of nuclear species on the neutron-rich side of stability. There is a long history of examining systematic uncertainties by the application of a variety of different mass models to r-process calculations. Here we expand upon such efforts by examining six DFT mass models, where we capture the full impact of each mass model by updating the other nuclear properties—including neutron capture rates, β-decay lifetimes, and β-delayed neutron emission probabilities—that depend on the masses. Unlike systematic effects, statistical uncertainties in the r-process pattern have just begun to be explored. Here we apply a global Monte Carlo approach, starting from the latest FRDM masses and considering random mass variations within the FRDM rms error. We find in each approach that uncertain nuclear masses produce dramatic uncertainties in calculated r-process yields, which can be reduced in upcoming experimental campaigns.



Notre Dame r-process nuclear masses

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