The sensitivity of $r$-process nucleosynthesis to individual $\beta$-delayed neutron emission probabilities

R. Surman, M. Mumpower, A. Aprahamian

Unpublished ARIS (2014)

Simulations of rapid neutron capture, or $r$-process, nucleosynthesis are sensitive to the nuclear physics inputs for thousands of nuclear species on the neutron-rich side of stability. One important nuclear quantity is the probability a nucleus will emit one or more neutrons following a $\beta$ decay. Here we consider the role of $\beta$-delayed neutron emission in finalizing the pattern of isobaric abundances produced in $r$-process simulations. We focus on the sensitivity of the details of the abundance pattern to the $\beta$-delayed neutron emission probabilities of individual nuclei, for hot, cold, and neutron star merger $r$-process scenarios.


r-process beta-decay

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