Full transport general relativistic radiation magnetohydrodynamics for nucleosynthesis in collapsars

J. Miller, T. M. Sprouse, C. L. Fryer, B. R. Ryan, J. C. Dolence, M. Mumpower, R. Surman

Published ApJ 902 1 (2020)

We model a compact black hole-accretion disk system in the collapsar scenario with full transport, frequency dependent, general relativistic radiation magnetohydrodynamics. We examine whether or not winds from a collapsar disk can undergo rapid neutron capture (r-process) nucleosynthesis and significantly contribute to solar r-process abundances. We find the inclusion of accurate transport has significant effects on outflows, raising the electron fraction above $Y_e \sim 0.3$ and preventing third peak r-process material from being synthesized. We compare our model to semi-analytic expectations and argue that accurate neutrino transport and realistic initial and boundary conditions are required to capture the dynamics and nucleosynthetic outcome of a collapsar.



r-process collapsar

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