The latest developments of nuclear theory related to the $r$-process

INT r-process / EOS workshop

Invited presentation on 05/2022

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Related Publications

Year Authors Title (Click for more details) Journal (PDF)
2021 J. Barnes, Y. Zhu, K. Lund, T. M. Sprouse, et al. Kilonovae across the nuclear physics landscape: the impact of nuclear physics uncertainties on r-process-powered emission ApJ 918 44
2021 Y. Zhu, K. Lund, J. Barnes, T. M. Sprouse, et al. Modeling kilonova light curves: dependence on nuclear inputs ApJ 906 94
2020 M. Mumpower, P. Jaffke, M. Verriere, J. Randrup Primary fission fragment mass yields across the chart of nuclides PRC 101 054607
2015 P. Möller, A. Sierk, T. Ichikawa, A. Iwamoto, et al. Fission barriers at the end of the chart of nuclides Phys. Rev C 91 024310

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