The Los Alamos fission yield evaluation pipeline

FPY workshop Santa Fe, NM

Contributed presentation on 10/2019

The nuclear data team at Los Alamos National Laboratory has undertaken a campaign to construct new fission yield evaluations. Significant advances have been made on a number of fronts. Nuclear potential energy surfaces can now be generated with the newly developed MicMac code based off the Finite-Range Liquid-Drop Model (FRLDM). This model can be incorporated into the Los Alamos de-excitation framework codes BeOH and CGMF to perform modeling of prompt, independent (IFY) and cumulative (CFY) fission yields that take into account prompt and beta-delayed neutrons and photons consistent with decay data. This is in stark contrast to what exists in evaluated nuclear data libraries today, where only a few incident energy points are used with limited physical insights and no consistency between IFY, CFY and decay data. We highlight the latest progress with application of neutron-induced fission of 235-U and 239-Pu.


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