Current nuclear data needs for applications

K. Kolos, V. Sobes, R. Vogt

Published PRR 4 021001 (2022)

Accurate nuclear data provides an essential foundation for advances in a wide range of fields, including nuclear energy, nuclear safety and security, safeguards, nuclear medicine, and planetary and space exploration. In these and other critical domains, outdated, imprecise, and incomplete nuclear data can hinder progress, limit precision, and compromise safety. Because similar nuclear data needs are shared by many applications, prioritizing these needs is especially important and urgently needed. The Workshop for Applied Nuclear Data Activities (WANDA) series was established to identify and prioritize cross-cutting data needs, as well as to describe new approaches, emerging technologies, and recent progress. This summary provides the latest advances in nuclear data for applications and describes an outlook for both near- and long-term progress in the field.


nuclear data evaluation

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