Nuclear fission for the r-process in the era of multi-messenger observations

ECT* r-process workshop (2019)

Invited presentation on 07/2019

The first simultaneous detection of light (AT 2017gfo) and gravitational waves (GW170817) associated with the merger of two neutron stars has ushered in a renewed interest in the formation of the heavy elements via the rapid neutron capture (r-process). In some components of neutron star merger ejecta, fission is thought to re-cycle the material and impact the resultant abundances. I will discuss the role of neutron-induced and beta-delayed fission in this ejecta and will present fission yield calculations using the Finite-Range Liquid-Drop Model (FRLDM). I will show that these theoretical calculations have strong implications for the production of actinides, galactic chemical evolution and future observations of kilonovae.


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