Astrophysical aspects of r-process nucleosynthesis in neutron star mergers

Astro. seminar, Notre Dame, IN

Invited presentation on 04/2019

The r-process is believed to be responsible for the production of roughly half the heavy elements above iron on the periodic table. Despite its importance, the astrophysical location where the r-process may occur is still debated. A promising location for the formation of the heavy elements occurs in the ejecta of neutron star mergers. I will discuss several aspects of recent work on these events including outflow from accretion disks, morphology and compositional considerations as well as the possibility for gamma-rays from long-lived radioactive species to be measured with future space missions.



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2020 W. P. Even, O. Korobkin, C. J. Fontes, C. L. Fryer, et al. Composition effects on kilonova spectra and light curves: I ApJ 899 1

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