Nuclear fission properties for neutron star mergers

FRIB workshop East Lansing, MI

Invited presentation on 07/2018

Related Publications

Year Authors Title (Click for more details) Journal (PDF)
2019 C. Horowitz, A. Arcones, B. Côtè, I. Dillmann, et al. r-process nucleosynthesis: connecting rare-isotope beam facilities with the cosmos J. Phys. G 46 8 083001
2018 M. Mumpower, T. Kawano, T. M. Sprouse, N. Vassh, et al. $\beta$-delayed fission in $r$-process nucleosynthesis ApJ 869 1
2018 A. Aprahamian, R. Surman, A. Frebel, G. C. McLaughlin, et al. FRIB and the GW170817 kilonova Whitepaper
2018 Y. Zhu, R. T. Wollaeger, N. Vassh, R. Surman, et al. Californium-254 and kilonova light curves ApJL 863 2

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