Nuclear fission for the $r$-process

SFW2018 Santa Fe, NM

Invited presentation on 07/2018


Related Publications

Year Authors Title (Click for more details) Journal (PDF)
2019 N. Vassh, R. Vogt, R. Surman, J. Randrup, et al. Using excitation-energy dependent fission yields to identify key fissioning nuclei in r-process nucleosynthesis J. Phys. G 46 065202
2018 E. Holmbeck, R. Surman, T. M. Sprouse, M. Mumpower, et al. Actinide production in neutron-rich ejecta of a neutron star merger ApJ 870 1
2018 M. Mumpower, T. Kawano, T. M. Sprouse, N. Vassh, et al. $\beta$-delayed fission in $r$-process nucleosynthesis ApJ 869 1
2018 Y. Zhu, R. T. Wollaeger, N. Vassh, R. Surman, et al. Californium-254 and kilonova light curves ApJL 863 2

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