A new model for $\beta$-delayed neutron emission and applications to the astrophysical $r$-process of nucleosynthesis

ND2016 Bruges, Belgium

Invited presentation on 09/2016

$\beta$-delayed neutron emission probabilities ($P_n$-values) are important inputs for a broad range of nuclear physics applications. We present a new model of $\beta$-delayed neutron emission which combines QRPA and statistical decay calculations. This approach uses microscopic nuclear structure information which starts with Gamow-Teller strength distributions in the daughter nucleus, and then follows the statistical decay until the initial available excitation energy is exhausted. Explicitly included at each neutron emission stage is $\gamma$-ray competition. One consequence of this formalism is a prediction of more neutrons on average being emitted after $\beta$-decay for neutron-rich nuclei towards the neutron dripline. The framework presented here also enables us to extend our calculations to $\beta$-delayed fission and pre-scission neutron emission. We show that larger neutron emission and new $\beta$-delayed fission rates can substantially impact the observed abundances for the astrophysical rapid neutron capture or $r$ process of nucleosynthesis.

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2016 M. Mumpower, T. Kawano, P. Möller Neutron-gamma competition for $\beta$-delayed neutron emission PRC 94 064317

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